Music Centric Desktop


So I love music. I setup this desktop with that in mind. Big album art, big visualizer, and everything else hidden or out of the way. I found an excellent piece of art by Dorje Hellbrook as well. I’ve never played Destiny, but sci-fi and space (and great art) FTW, right?

Here’s everything I used.

Album Art Viewer - Enigma Skin for Rainmeter

  • Sidebar width set to 400 (Possibly screen size dependent)
  • Opacity set to 70%

Song Information - Lano Visualizer for Rainmeter

Hidden Sidebar - Life is Strange skin for Rainmeter

  • Font changed to SciFly and a font size of 26
  • Set to minimum opacity with fade in effect (built into Rainmeter)

Circular Visualizer - VisBubble

Circular Music Progress Bar - Code found here

Date & Time - Encoded skin for Rainmeter

Wallpaper - Destiny concept art by Dorje Hellbrook

Hope you enjoyed it!

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